It may not be something that you automatically think about when you think of a business, but the cannabis seed industry is booming in the current market. Slowly but surely, seed banks and brokers are pumping investment into the development of new seed strains and varieties to ensure that they will be able to cater to the market demand that is to be expected in the future.

“Demand for cannabis seeds is growing almost exponentially at present. Rapidly expanding legalization of cannabis—and the push for this in states which may be reluctant to legalize the use of cannabis”

The demand for seeds is also on the rise. And, with more and more states expected to make the change and legalize cannabis in the coming years—at least for medicinal use, if not recreational use—now is the time for people to look at getting involved with the cannabis seed industry.

Understanding the cannabis seed market basics is essential if entrepreneurial investors are looking to make the most of this rare opportunity for a global change in perceptions. And as part of this, the most important thing to understand is the differences between the three primary seed varieties.

First is the regular cannabis seed. As the name would imply, regular cannabis seeds are just your generic seeds. These regular seeds consist of both male and female plants and, since only the female cannabis seeds will flower, approximately half of the seeds in a standard pack will be unproductive for a grower. They generally need more light input to start the flowering process, but this lack of “perks” also means that they come with a lower price tag than other types.

Next up are auto-flowering seeds. We mentioned previously that regular seeds need more light to start the flowering process; by contrast, auto-flowering seeds don’t need this light input to start the flowering process and often start flowering sooner, making the harvest time for auto-flowering seeds quicker in general.

Finally, there are feminized seeds. Cannabis plants of the same gender can breed together, meaning that two female plants can be crossed to give all-female offspring. These seeds are generally a little more expensive. However, they are all guaranteed to have the chance to flower—whereas male seeds would be impossible to flower.

There is a huge amount of interest at the moment in the legalization of cannabis, especially for medicinal use. This rapid change in terms of the general public’s opinion surrounding the use of cannabis could fuel huge developments and represent great opportunities for breeders and sellers of cannabis seeds—especially for those individuals who own the rights to a certain, unique strain of cannabis that performs particularly well.

In short? The legalization of cannabis could create a whole new market for cannabis seeds and cannabis-based products—and this could be an excellent opportunity for an entrepreneurial investor who puts their money in the right places now.