Strategic Project Objectives


Our Objectives Cover Diverse Global Markets

SPO Networks, Inc. (OTC PINK: SPOI) is a publicly-traded company that is actively exploring potential acquisitions and opportunities in diversified industries, including solid waste, scrap metal recycling and demolition with special waste remediation. Additionally, SPO maintains the belief that patients and customers have a right to high quality, economical, and clinically-validated cannabis products. Towards this, SPO aims at medical and recreational cannabis and genetic seed operations with the expectation of rapid expansion in the cannabis industry. SPO is developing its cultivation facilities for extraction operations, wholesaling of cannabis and cannabis extracts in Colorado to licensed retailers and wholesalers. Eventually, the goal is to expand to retail product manufacturing and dispensary operations in several states, allowing SPO to offer a pricing strategy that will be attractive to consumers large and small.

Our Team

Our proven management team brings actionable expertise of value- creation and driving transformational change. We maintain a strong internal culture of accountability and governance and deliver the highest level of transparency through quarterly financial reporting across our portfolio.


Our process is thorough, results-driven, and market-focused.

SPO Networks, Inc. seeks to provide shareholders with unique access to leading small and medium businesses with excellent growth opportunities; attractive segments we are expanding in are our Recycling and Cannabis Seed Cultivation divisions.


Supporting long-term innovation initiatives

Leveraging its permanent capital base, long-term, disciplined approach, and actionable expertise, SPOI partners with leading management teams to build businesses while unlocking significant value for shareholders.

Strategic Project Objectives achieves a competitive advantage within the rapidly changing industry landscapes by creating and strengthening the capacities of organizations and companies so they can have an impact on sustainable development.

Latest News

SPO Networks, Inc. (OTC PINK: SPOI) is a publicly-traded company that actively explores potential acquisitions and opportunities in diversified industries.

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